Special Education Team

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 Photo of R. Anderson Ms. Rachell Anderson

Autism Teacher (Intermediate)

Room 137 
 Photo of DiCarlo Ms. Kara DiCarlo

Autism Teacher (Primary)

Room 101 
 Photo of Hogan Ms. Peggy Hogan

(Pre-K Teacher - P.M.)

Room 118 
 Photo of Jackson Ms. Nasima Jackson

(LD Teacher)

Room 162 
 Photo of Kibria Ms. Nazma Kibria

(Speech Pathologist)

Room 172 
Photo of Ms McKindra

Ms. Freda McKindra

(Pre-K Teacher - A.M.)

Room 119

 photo of raton

Mr. Matthew Raton

Multiple Disabilities Teacher (Intermediate)

         Room 122     

 photo of stewart Ms. Heather Stewart

ED Teacher

Room 138 
 Photo of Ms Quiros

Damaris Quiros

   Teacher Assistant  

Room 118 and 119

 Photo of Ms Calilao  

Zenina Calilao

Teacher Assistant

Room 122

Photo of Ms J. Roman

Juliana "Julie" Roman

Teacher Assistant

Room 138

 Photo of Ms Mehta

Rekha Mehta

Teacher Assistant

Room 101