Please be aware that the Prince William County Schools Code of Behavior defines the dress code for all schools in Prince William County and the code will be enforced at Mary F. Williams Elementary. Tasteful and traditional school attire is expected for both students and adults when in the school. Students' clothing should be clean and neat, and conform to the standards of good taste and decency. Clothing that is unacceptable includes halter-tops, dresses or tops with spaghetti straps, short-shorts, and clothing that exposes the stomach, hips, or underwear of the wearer. Clothing with wording or graphics that are suggestive or which serves to bring attention to private parts of a student's body (ie., writing across the seat of pants/shorts) is not allowed. Jeans or overalls must be worn in such a manner as to not present a problem to the wearer in terms of ability to walk or move about the school. Clothing that depicts suggestive, vulgar, or obscene language or graphics, weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or gang symbols is not permitted. Bandanas or forehead bands are not permitted for any students. Hat/caps will not be worn inside the building. Rubber-sole sports shoes are recommended due to the daily recess period and increased PE classes. Loose fitting sandals and flip-flops are not safe for school wear.