What is Baldrige?
Baldrige is a way of focusing our efforts to help all students become independent learners, make good decisions, solve problems and take responsibility for their learning. It requires that we:
•involve the school community, including students, staff and parents
•have measurable goals and plans for achieving the goals
•make sure goals and plans are communicated and understood
•monitor our progress and make changes to improve results

How is Baldrige used in the classroom?
Teacher and student first decide what makes a Quality Teacher, Quality Student and Quality Parent. Teachers and students work together to set classroom and personal goals. Weekly meetings are held to discuss this information. They agree on what actions they will take to make sure they meet their goals. Data bulletin boards and data notebooks are used to track their progress. The teacher and student share information with parents on what and how they are doing and ask for parents' help in achieving their goals. If a student has trouble meeting their goals, they try to find ways to do a better job with the help of their teacher and parent.

Parents can help their child by:
•knowing their child's goals and following his or her progress
•making sure that their child can study and learn at home
•being in touch with their child's teacher to know how and what their child is learning and doing