Danna Johnson  
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I am so appreciative of all of the encouragement and support I have received since I began as principal of Mary Williams ES. Thank you for your warm words, your gifts, your nods and hugs of reassurance, and your smiles. I am excited to be here for year 2 and am thrilled to work with the fabulous students and families of MWES!

My journey in education began nearly 25 years ago in Washington, DC public schools. I was a classroom teacher in grades 1-5 for 19 years before I became an administrator. I taught in both public and private schools--in DC, North Carolina, and in Prince William County. I have worked in Prince William County Schools for 13 years.  I taught at Triangle, Fannie W. Fitzgerald, and Bel Air Elementary Schools. I served as an Administrative Intern for one year and an Assistant Principal for three years at Featherstone Elementary.

My many years of service to diverse elementary school students and their families has taught me much about the importance of differentiation and student engagement. I am a firm believer in educational equity and equal access for all children.  I believe that schools must create opportunities for both students and their parents to be actively engaged in student learning, both digitally and face-to-face.  Technology supports both engagement and differentiation by allowing teachers to create more personalized instruction and assessment, and to create lessons that are engaging, interactive, collaborative, and designed for multiple learning styles. I also value the role of the teacher and the importance of relationship and embrace the words of Dr. James Comer, “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.”

Personally, I am the mother of two children. My 21-year old son is a senior at Sarah Lawrence College and my 18-year old baby girl is a first-year student at Old Dominion University.  I also have a 31-year old stepdaughter and son-in-law, a 2-year old “grand-girl,” and 17-month old twin “grand-girls.”  My stepdaughter and her husband are excitedly awaiting the birth of another set of twins in February!  Whew!

Mrs. Adams and I are here to respond to the needs of students and parents.  We simply ask that whenever issues arise, you first seek assistance from your child's teacher, and that you always assume positive intent about our staff, as we do about you.  Remember, we are all working together to make sure our MWES Panther Cubs succeed...and we are "better together!"  #MWESBetterTogether.

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Looking forward to a great 2019-20 school year!

Ms. Danna Johnson