Panther Cub Bank
 The Panther Cub Bank is made possible through a business partnership with United Bank. To make deposits at The Panther Cub Bank, your child must have a United Bank savings account.  Please complete the forms below and return them to your child’s teacher to request an application to open an account with United Bank. 
Account request form (1)

Form (2)

Why do we have a Bank?  It's for the students, of course.  

At the end of the banking year, I asked the students “What did you like about working at Panther Cub Bank”. These are the answers I got: (unedited)
1.I like it because we get a lot of stuff to do and we skip class
2.I liked working here cause I like to meet people and to use the calculator and make it say hello
3.It was pretty cool. I wish I could have the experience again but it’s over LPeople next year should sign up they are going to have fun
4.Helping others save their money
5.I had a nice experience here about a job
6.I like when I write the checks and put the money in the bank
7.Helped me with my math, money!
8.I like working at the bank because I want to make Mary Williams a really successful school & place.
9.All the cool and fun ideas, and activities. I’ve never done something so fun!
10.When we have to be in separate teams
11.Fun being manager and being with our friends
13.I loved everything about the bank I loved learning new things about money and doing commercials and drawing posters!#LovePantherBank
14.I liked making posters and making advertisements for the PCB J
15.Making posters and satisfying everyone to come to the bank
16.I liked doing the videos and drawing because I love drawing
17.I like selling stuff to people
18.I learned how to dell with money I learned about the saying “you must work for what you get . And I had FUN!
19.All the people coming to store there money and the prizes people won
20.I liked when we made the commercials and posters and the cards to Todos everything this year was super cool!
21.How we made posters and made videos and had silly ideas. And also how the teachers that helped us were so nice and laughed at our ideas
22.I liked everything