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VA Physical Education Standards of Learning


VA Health Education Standards

Brain Based Learning

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Links to a Healthier You
  • Brain Gym(R) Exercises

    Brain Gym, Inc. (R) has some wonderful brain connecting exercises that we use in PE, and in the classrooms.  Great stuff before homework too!
  • Nutrition For Kids

    Find out the good things to eat, to make you smarter and healthier.
  • Dole Company Fruit Suggestions

    The Dole (pineapple) Company has some great ideas for you!
  • PE Zone

    Learn some fun and exciting play ideas.
  • US Dept. of Agriculture Kid News

    USDA Healthy Kid News site
  • Verb Now

    Check out the active link to the popular Verb Now program.
  • All Kinds of Minds site for Parents

    Parents, learn more about Dr. Mel Levine's work in helping make your child a better learner.
  • US Olympic Sports Program

    Check out the exciting US Olympic news!
  • Brains Rule!

    A fun web site about the human brain.
  • Healthier Eating at the Holidays

    This web site has many healthing eating tips.  Check out the Healthy Holiday eating tips too!