OSMAP Due Process Hearing

The Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs is committed to helping parents understand what happens when your child is recommended for long-term suspension, expulsion, criminal reassignment, and exclusion.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs at any time with your questions at 703.791.8595. 

Long-Term Suspensions and Expulsions 

The Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP) is responsible for conducting discipline hearings for students who are being recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion from Prince William County Public Schools in accordance with regulations 744-1 and 745-1 .

Short-Term Suspension: 1-10 school days 

Long-Term Suspension: By definition, a long-term suspension is a removal from school for 11-45 school days. For aggravated circumstances please refer to Regulation 745-1: Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion of Students. 

Expulsion: 365-calendar-day removal; only the School Board can expel a student. OSMAP would make the recommendation to the School Board for confirmation.

Discipline hearings are 45 minutes in length and are conducted by a hearing officer. Present at the meeting will be: the hearing officer, school administration, parents/guardians, and student. Attorneys are allowed to attend OSMAP hearings if the parent/guardian so chooses.