If you retired from teaching in a Virginia School Division, you could return to teach in a critical shortage area & receive a full paycheck and collect retirement!

The Code of Virginia allows Virginia’s K-12 school divisions to hire eligible Virginia Retirement System (VRS) retirees into certain full-time, critical shortage teaching and administrative assignments. To be eligible, retirees have to:

  • Satisfy a 12-month bona fide break in service during which no work is performed for any VRS employer,
  • Hold a Virginia Board of Education license, and
  • Not have retired on disability retirement or with a reduced VRS benefit under an early retirement incentive program (ERIP). 

Under this special allowance, the retiree continues to receive a monthly retirement benefit from VRS while working in the full-time position. 

For the 2019-20 school year, the Department of Education (DOE) has identified the following ten critical shortage areas:

  1. Special Education
  2. Elementary Education PreK-6
  3. Career and Technical Education
  4. Middle Education Grades 6-8
  5. Mathematics Grades 6-12 (including Algebra 1)
  6. Science (Secondary)
  7. Foreign Language PreK-12
  8. English (Secondary)
  9. English as a Second Language PreK-12
  10. Library Media – PreK-12