Interesting/Fun Links
Live Eagle Cam
Live Animals Cams - Great website with so many different live cameras to choose from!
Colgan High School Football Players Reading
Live Zoo Cams - Website with a lot of live zoo cameras, live feeding schedules
Mother's Day - Guided Drawing(this is what we did on Zoom) Draw a Rose (Skip ahead to 3:00 min) Flower Basket

Math Links

Math Connects
Access to our math textbook, as well as lesson reviews, activities, quizzes, and test practice. To access the online textbook, click on the StudentWorks Plus Online link, and enter the access code in the front of your agenda.
Xtra Math
Web Math Minute 
Virtual Manipulatives

*Khan Academy - Join Our Class!

Number Sense 
    Number Frames
    Number Line

Addition          Games                                                                                 Videos 
                                                                                                    Adding with Regrouping (Swadley)

Subtraction              Games                                                                      Videos 
                                                                                                    Subtracting with Zero  (Swadley)
                                                                                                     Subtracting with Borrowing (Swadley)

Place Value            Games                                                           Videos
   Place Value Games                                                           Place Value Video (Swadley)

Money   -         Games                                                                                      Videos
     Counting Coins                                                                 Counting Change   (Swadley)                     Khan Academy - Counting Coins
     Making Change Game                                                   Least Amount of Coins (Swadley)
     Cash Out Game                                                                    
     Change Maker Game
     Money Games and Worksheets

     Patterns Khan Academy
     Line, Segment, Ray\
     Measure with Ruler
     Measurement Activities
      Thermometer Game
      Area and Perimeter
      Telling Time Activities
      Rounding Games - Tens and Hundreds
      Rounding Basketball
                Games                                                                Videos
     Pizza Fractions                                                    Comparing Fractions(common denominator)
     Fraction Games                                                   Comparing Fractions(common numerator)
     Adding Fractions
              Games                                                                Videos
                                                                                   Frog Number Line Multiplication                    2 Digit Box Method
                                                                                   Khan Academy Word Problems                        2 digit by 1 digit Khan Academy

Teacher Sites
3 Act Math - Math critical thinking and problem solving
Would You Rather Math 


Language Arts Links
      Hurricane News

Synonym, Antonym, Homophone (frog game)
       Homophone Games
       Greek Myths

       Reading and Language Games
       Drawing Conclusions Game

          Kenn Nesbitt Poems
          Cesar Chavez
          Civil Rights A-Z (Leveled reading passages - already filtered to show third grade passages, but you can change grade and focus skill)

Social Studies Links
       Famous Americans
       Civil Rights
       Civil Rights (Ducksters)
   Ancient Civilizations
        Ancient Greece
            Greek Gods/Goddesses
            Ancient Greece Research   
            Ancient Greek Pottery

        Ancient China
        Ancient Egypt
            360 Tour
              National Geographic Kids Ancient Egypt
              Interactive Tour of Nile River
              Ancient Egypt Games and Facts - Children's University of Manchester (use tabs on the left)
              Writing in Hieroglyphics!                         Facts about Hieroglyphics (Nat Geo Kids)

SOL Practice Sites
Jefferson Lab (math only)
SOL Pass
SOL Prep

Daily Math Practice Video
   Week 4 Thursday                
   Week 4 Friday Part 1
   Week 4 Friday Part 2
   Week 5 Friday
Week 8
    Week 8 Tuesday        Week 8 Wednesday 
Week 9
    Week 9 Monday            Week 9 Tuesday           Week 9 Wednesday
Week 10
                                                Week 10 Tuesday              Week 10 Wednesday

Place Value: Place Value Video
Rounding: Rounding to the Nearest 10              Rounding to the Nearest 100
Add/Subtract: Adding with Regrouping        Subtracting with Zero         Subtracting with Borrowing
Fractions: Comparing Fractions(common denominator)   Comparing Fractions(common numerator)      Comparing Fractions to 1/2                        Mixed Numbers and Improper Fraction                       Equivalent Fractions
Fractions on a Number Line        Fraction # Line Khan Academy