March 30 - April 3

PWCS Home Learning 
Optional Schedules & Resources

PWCS Home Learning



* Review place value, estimation, rounding

   IXL 3rd grade - B 1-9

   IXL 2nd grade - M 1-16

   IXL 3rd grade - P 1-2

   IXL 2nd grade - N 1-6

* Practice fluency using Reflex Math 
   Students are encouraged to spend 10 minutes or more, 
at least until the green light 
   appears in upper right corner of the screen.



* Read a fiction book on MyOnInternational Children's Digital Library (multilingual), 
   or from your home library. 
   Choose an activity from the Reading Writing Choice Board.

* Review main idea syllables

   IXL Language Arts 3rd grade - A 1-2

   IXL Language Arts 2nd grade - A 1-2

* Aim to read a chapter book (20-30 minutes each day).



* Review prefixes & suffixes

   IXL Language Arts 3rd grade - W 1-12

Social Studies/



* Review geography & map skills on All About World Geography
   Challenge yourself to start at the Beginner Level 1 and advance to Expert Level 3.

* Watch videos about zoo animals at the Cincinatti Zoo Home Safari
   Was the animal that you researched shown? 
   Tonight at dinner, talk with your family about what you learned about one of the animals.

Let’s Have Fun!!


* Choose a cartoon that you have watched.
   Create a summary of your cartoon. 
   You can use the Somebody Wanted But So Then Chart 
to guide you.

nder Files and Documentsyou will find:
*Instructional Calendars/Pacing Guides
*Documents for weekly activities

Online Math Resources:
*IXL Math
*Reflex Math
*Origo at Home
*SOL Pass (password: cubs)

Online Reading Resources:
*IXL Language Arts
*Read Theory
*Khan Academy
*SOL Pass (password: cubs)

March 23-27

*PWCS instructional staff have put together a PWCS Home Learning webpage with resources for all grade levels. This includes optional daily schedule, academic activities by content area, and digital learning resources.

*Each student has access to Office 365. Under the Clever app, students can access programs such as MyOn for reading, IXL for math and language arts, etc.

*Students also have an account on Reflex Math. 
We are working on adding more resources/activities to our class webpages.

Please reach out via Class Dojo or email with any questions you may have.

Stay safe!
Love, Miss Summy